Community Land Care

Land Care

The Nicetown CDC is contracted by the City of Philadelphia and PA Horticultural Society to maintain vacant lots in North/Northwest Philadelphia for nearly 10 years. Beginning with a small initial contract with minimal parcels of land to maintain, the Nicetown CDC learned how to manage and maintain vacant land. We built and expanded our capacity to manage land care operations. Today, we own a private Landscaping Company that maintains scattered sites. We hire and train local individuals to be a part of our Land Maintenance Crews.

The goals of the Community Land Care/Land Maintenance programs is to maintain and prepare vacant parcels for future development. The program also engages community residents as stewards in the care and maintenance of vacant land. Our crews work directly with community residents, businesses and other stakeholders to clean, maintain and beautify the neighborhoods we serve.

Corridor Cleaning

Community Garden

The NTCDC Community Garden is a 1.5-acre open space located in the 4200/4300 blocks of Germantown Avenue to the rear of the NTCDC Community Center and Steel Elementary School. In 2007, the NTCDC partnered with the Philadelphia Orchard Project to initiate the garden, with fig, cherry and hazelnut trees, strawberry vines and raised vegetable beds. The NTCDC plans to restore and redesign this large open space, to maximize the potential for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers. A greenhouse, sitting pavilion, dedicated water source, and farmer’s market are included in the plan. Fresh fruit and vegetables are in short supply in Nicetown and the surrounding neighborhoods, and in need as a nutritional resource. Entreprenuerial education and training for youth and seniors are encouraged, to provide the opportunity to establish a local farmers market. The goal is to establish this destination as a space for community engagement and sharing, nutrition and greening education, and food production.