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About Nicetown CDC

About Nicetown CDC



Executive Team

Nicetown CDC Mission

The NTCDC mission is to dynamically improve the quality of life in Nicetown and surrounding communities, by establishing sustainable community economic development.

We fulfill our mission with a holistic and inclusive approach to goals and objectives that prioritize public safety; mobilization through “re-education” and training; affordable housing development; commercial corridor revitalization; arts & culture, and land care. The capacity to implement these goals and objectives is optimized by our strategic partnerships, collaborations, and volunteerism, with those that share a common purpose with our mission.

Nicetown CDC History

The NTCDC was founded in 1999 by members who collectively bring decades of experience in developing the community. Our expertise has been the foundation for stabilizing and developing Nicetown’s local economy, affordable housing, and open spaces. We directly provide supportive services, community education & organizing, land care, and special events coordination. The NTCDC headquarters is located at 4414 Germantown Avenue, a historically significant property recognized by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission as one of the strengths of Nicetown.

Executive Team

Zakariyya Abdur-Rahman

President & CEO

Zakariyya founded the Nicetown Community Development Corporation. (NTCDC) and was later elected its President/CEO. Under Zakariyya’s leadership, the NTCDC has fulfilled its mission with “reeducation” and training; affordable housing development; commercial corridor revitalization; arts & culture; public health and safety; and land care. Since 2002, NTCDC programs have provided supportive services to low-moderate income residents in a 15 census tract service area in Northwest Philadelphia.

Majeedah Rashid

Chief Operating Officer

Under the leadership of the Nicetown CDC President & CEO, Majeedah assisted with the development and completion of more than $30 million in affordable housing and mixed-use development, including Nicetown Court I & II. Anchor commercial tenants in these developments include Sister Muhammad’s Kitchen, Temple Physicians Inc, and Offices of the 8th City Council District, PA State Senator and the NAACP Philadelphia Chapter. Today, the Nicetown CDC is the Project User (Developer) of two Rebuild Projects- Barrett Playground ($9 million) Shepard Recreation Center ($12 million) and an affordable homeownership project in the Shepard catchment area in the pipeline.

Taherrah Abdur-Rahman

Fiscal Manager

Taherrah is a co-founder of Nicetown Community Development Corporation and helped to establish its mission, goals and objectives. She has served as the Fiscal Manager since the inception of the organization. Taherrah provides oversight of financial administration including: payroll, accounts payable and receivables, job costing, cash management, general ledger, inventory, banking and reconciliations.

Stanley Crawford

Board Chairman