Same Day Work & Pay

The Nicetown CDC is contracted by PHS to implement the Same Day Work & Pay Program, which allows them to hire individuals to clean targeted areas of neighborhoods and get paid $100 cash for a day’s work. The Nicetown CDC has operated this program since late 2020, and have since hired nearly 200 individuals to work, with many more on the waiting list for the opportunity. Workers also get access to the many resources and services available from the Nicetown CDC.

Some SDWP workers have gone on to obtain full and part-time jobs, including with the Nicetown CDC Land Care and Corridor Cleaning programs. SDWP has been very well received by the community, who are so thankful and pleased when they see the SDWP workers coming on their blocks. They have testimonials from community residents who have given them cakes, refreshments, promises to cook dinner and even a certificate of appreciation from a neighborhood group. The Nicetown CDC SDWP program has been instrumental in removing tons of trash and debris from the streets, residential blocks and parks in Nicetown and surrounding neighborhoods. It is an impactful and beneficial program that addresses problems with trash, litter and short dumping to improve neighborhood conditions and encourage neighbors to work with them to sustain it.

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