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Nicetown CDC Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NTCDC/NAC)

The purpose of the NTCDC/NAC is to reduce and prevent homelessness by serving neighborhoods/census tracts with at least 51% low to moderate income residents. Acitivities of the NTCDC/NAC are intended to address and prevent crises related to poverty and unemployment, while building self-reliance. Via our NAC Program, we deliver and serve an average of 1100 to 1200 requests per month.

Community Engagement & Outreach

Conducted throughout the service area distributing resource information, notifications, and providing access to direct services and referrals. This includes door to door canvassing, social media, telephone outreach, email and special events.

Mortgage and Tax Foreclosure Diversion

Canvassing and directly contacting owners of homes and properties in danger of sheriff sale or foreclosure. Owners are made aware of efforts set up to help them save their homes and properties.

Quarterly Service Area Briefings

Community meetings with pertinent topics presented in collaboration with City Officials, agencies, departments, community and faith based organizations.

Publishing a quarterly Newsletter

The NTCDC/NAC newsletter (The Village Network) is a summary of NTDC/NAC resources, current events, notifications, important phone numbers, etc. The newsletter is primarily distributed electronically, and also available also via hard copy.

Nicetown CDC/Neighborhood Advisory Subcommittee(NTCDC/NAS) Election

Nomination and community election of neighborhood stakeholders who act in an advisory role to the Nicetown CDC. The NTCDC/NAS is a diverse group that meets monthly to work together to address community issues and needs and ensures that important information is disseminated in the community.

Monthly Report

Quantifies NTCDC/NAC activities and reported to DHCD.  Data reports of neighborhood conditions and quantifying resource distribution. NTCDC/NAC staff engages and assists the NTCDC/Neighborhood Advisory Subcommittee. (NTCDC/NAS) To be nominated to run in the NTCDC/NAS Election, you must have lived/served and attended community meetings in the service area for at least 3 years.

Neighborhood Energy Center

Since 2009, the NTCDC has been contracted by the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) to operate a Neighborhood Energy Center. (NEC) We partner with and are contracted by the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) and the Dept. of Public Welfare (DPW) to provide direct utility bill assistance through the LIHEAP, Crisis, and Weatherization programs. We refer clients who may need additional financial assistance to pay their utility bills to other agencies and/or community organizations that can assist. Since initiating our Neighborhood Energy Center in 2005, the Nicetown CDC has provided thousands of households with direct grants and free budget and energy counseling.

Keyspot Computer Lab

The Nicetown CDC has provided a computer lab free to the community since 2006. The Nicetown CDC partnered with the City Office of Innovation & Technology “KeySpot”, to expand the capacity of the computer lab. This allows us to join a City-wide network of KeySpot sites to share best practices, provide classes and resource opportunities. We also are a member of PhillyCam, which further enhances our communication and outreach capacity via social media, blogs, television, internet radio and other media.

The Nicetown CDC’s Keyspot computer lab space is where residents can be comfortable using computers to do job search, homework and trainings. and enhance their skills. It is utilized by individuals seeking employment, students that need to complete academic requirements, and also for communication and training opportunities. This allows us to expand our outreach efforts to parts of the community in and beyond our primary service area.

An important activity in the NTCDC KEYSPOT has been hosting neighborhood liaison training with Philly311. Through this training, residents including block captains as well as committee and community members, learned to properly record resident reports and enter them into the Philly 311 system for follow up. The Nicetown CDC KEYSPOT makes our computer lab more capable and “user-friendly”.

Keyspot Computer Lab Nice town cdc

Food Distribution

Since 2002, the Nicetown CDC has made fighting poverty and food insecurity a priority and both remain challenges today. In partnership with the SHARE Program, and the Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia, (BMCCP) the Nicetown CDC has provided thousands of meals to seniors and families. Food distribution days at the NTCDC Community Center at 4300 Germantown Avenue are on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The BMCCP food distribution is every Friday at the entrance of Nicetown Park.

Summer Youth Worker Program

The Nicetown CDC Community Center is a worksite for the Philadelphia Youth Network. (PYN) In collaboration with the Allegheny West Foundation, youth are hired to work at the Nicetown CDC in various community based activities. This includes community engagement/outreach and working with local businesses.
Summer Youth Worker Program

Nicetown Court I & II Supportive Services

The Nicetown CDC provides on-site direct Supportive Services for the residents in Nicetown Court I & II developments. Residents obtain assistance with their needs and maintain relationships with the Supportive Services Coordinator. Information and notifications are regularly shared with residents to ensure awareness about resources and activities and encourages interaction with neighbors.
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