Land Care

The Nicetown CDC has been contracted by the City of Philadelphia and PA Horticultural Society (PHS) to maintain vacant lots in North/Northwest Philadelphia for nearly 15 years. Beginning first with a small initial contract with parcels of land to maintain, the Nicetown CDC learned how to purchase landscaping equipment, manage and maintain vacant land. This allowed us to build and expand our capacity to manage our land care operations. We leveraged our own private Landscaping Company that maintains scattered sites. We hire and train local individuals to be a part of our Land Maintenance Crews.

The goals of our Community Land Care/Land Maintenance programs is to stabilize, maintain and prepare vacant parcels for future development. The program also engages community residents as stewards in the care and maintenance of vacant land on their blocks and open spaces. Our crews work directly with community residents, businesses and other stakeholders to clean, green, maintain and beautify the neighborhoods we serve.

Furtick Farms

Founded in 2021 by Master Gardener, teacher/track coach and Nicetown resident Jenia Jolley, this community garden is a unique gathering place for gardeners, youth, families and seniors alike. Located in the 1.5 acre open space to the rear of the Nicetown CDC Community Center and Steel Elementary School, this space is evolving to a multi-purpose urban farm with areas for learning, planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables. A myriad of flowers were planted and grow at Furtick Farms, which also features composting, watering systems and areas for entertainment as well as leisure. A Conceptual Plan is currently being implemented and various community partners and funding sources will help make Jenia Jolley’s dream of a farm for the community a reality.
Furtick Farms
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